Monday, August 24, 2009


Just a quick post about all the crazy goodness going on in our lives.

I started school yesterday. As a result free time will be at a premium for the foreseeable future.

As a sort of a last hurrah/E taking his first vacation days in FIVE YEARS! Seriously, I think he once took one day so we could fly to Canada and see my family for Christmas. Anyway, we ran away to DISNEYLAND!

Some adorable little five year old’s we know were celebrating a birthday so we decided to crash the party. I kept telling E that some day we will live somewhere else and a quick weekend trip to Disneyland won’t be happening so we should enjoy it while we can. AND WE DID! We spun like tops on the teacups, drank pineapple juice in the Tiki room, blasted our way through the new Toy Story mania ride and had a romantic dinner at the Blue Bayou. We also loved: the beignet at Ralph Brennan’s, California Screamin’ (e), fantasmic, little miss matched store (a) and turkey legs! E has his first chess tournament this weekend so I’m escaping as well. Down to Phoenix to get in some girl time. But for now…there is an English class calling my name and hundreds of photographs waiting to be uploaded and shared.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

long time no blog...

so this video....loving it lots

and these pictures we made in july.....

i really loved taking.....the highlight of e's reunion for me for sure.
i love that i brought the idea and everyone got into it.
work....i'm not so much loving...some days the ugly of it all just really gets to me and it's overwhelming....the sadness and wretchedness of the things people do to other people. sad.
however, i have some super happy things on the horizon and lots of love and happiness at home and overall i am BLESSED.