Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Mini Book

I made this adorable mini from a kit by EliseJoy. I love her kits and this is one of the FOUR i've purchased. The fall kit is on sale now at her etsy shop here.
I'm in love with the results. Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life as I know it.

So it’s been a rough few weeks. Without going into detail, school is sucking all of my energy/time, halo has landed so I have a happy hubby, and work has been soul crushing in a few different and obnoxious ways. So, trying to be a little Pollyanna, here is a random list of things making me happy right now!

Coke Zero.

The fair (and the blue ribbons I won).

Taking this kid to the movies yesterday.

Making pie with friends.

Sara Bareilles new album.

Arcade Fire’s new album.

The impending honeycrisp apples, fall is so close I can taste it.

This summer book I’m putting together by the amazing Elise Joy (the fall book is on sale now…go get yours…I got mine!)

70 more days of being  ‘in my twenties”.

Even though I’ve hit a plateau….i’m down 30 libbies and should be happy+proud.

I’m doing math with letters….and getting the right answers.

This guy.