Tuesday, December 22, 2009

during my time off i will

bake bagels

write down my must read list in a nifty notebook

finish reading outliers (my parents got me this book for my birthday and i'm loving it)


see the nutcracker ballet

hem some pants

finish up my project 365 (i've done really good with taking pictures but i need to have them printed/put them in my book)

drink tea



and hopefully blog

Sunday, December 20, 2009

School is done....for now!

So i survived and actually thrived this semester. Granted when i was taking finals and finishing research paper it felt very overwhelming but i feel really good about it! So since school is out for a whole month...and i'm only working 40 hours a week...we have been having fun!

We made gingerbread houses with kimmy and lou. the frosting was super sticky but we had tons of fun.

packages are wrapped and on the way to family.

I snapped some family pics for E's family.
and i've been working on my life list....next up is NUTCRACKER!
i've already registered for classes for the spring and as much as i'm n ot really looking forward to it it felt really good to use my brains.....my grades were good. A friend commented that that means i should take harder classes which may be right
but for today....these things i know for sure

christmas is this week....ready or not

e has two weeks off

i miss glee

i have a really great partner in life

not putting up a tree or decorating a lot for the holidays was a good thing

i can do anything i set my mind to....going back to school is just the beginning

i have really great friends and family

peace everybody!

Friday, December 11, 2009

be back soon

School is keeping me busy.....

And festive holiday parties at work....oh and work...

And making home made presents....like bows.

after i finish my finals this week....and help my boy celebrate his 30th birthday
I'll be back