Monday, April 25, 2011

less of myself

I have a hard time saying statements like "I am a good student" or "I am a good cook" or "I am a good friend". When i really start thinking about it just takes practice. E swears he's never eaten a meal that i've cooked that he didn't like but I think he's the most forgiving, forgetful person i know. 
I remember bread that would not rise, stew that i tried to rush and fish that stuck to the pan because i didn't know how to cook. not really. But i'm drawing a line with this one. i'm at that place where i can ad-lib a recipe and it turns out great. Where something is not quite right or needs something and i can figure it out on my own. 
 I made chicken korma and fresh naan the other day only kind of using the recipe. it was fab and tasted like home. And those rolls and that soup. typical sunday at our place. 
and this tart? Tasty. So i'm calling it. I can cook. It took practice and i didn't really notice that i was slowly but surely getting better. I'm better. I'm going to try and apply this lesson to other life things. Like school, and friends, and excercise, and creative writing and many other little things. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So maybe my new facebook profile picture looks like this:
Not all that surprising when you consider that they actually changed the night of the federal election debate (french speaking) just so it wouldn't conflict with the habs/bruins game. Seriously. 

I'm also crazy amused that there are more teams from CALIFORNIA than from CANADA in the NHL playoffs. Really. 

It might sound silly but this is totally part of my heritage. Watching games at home on TV with my dad. Playing street hockey "CAR"! Going to live games, the scrape of skates and the cold smell of ice.  
Skating for PE on Friday's in the winter and even better....skating on outdoor rinks under the stars. One of my earliest memories involves skating on the Rideau canal with a hot chocolate and a beaver tail. 

I may live in sunny Arizona, and yes it's true that I can almost always get away without wearing a jacket year-round. But inside....i'll always be Canadian.  So, GO HABS GO!