Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So for the past few months i feel like i've been stretching and adjusting to my new normal. 

E started grad school which means that there is a lot less free time and cleaning the house time. It's a great thing and i'm really happy he is back in school but two full time jobs + both of us in school means we could/should really hire a maid/cook/assistant.

At work i switched positions. I was working in for two felony trial attorneys with one of them assigned to sex crimes/dangerous crimes against children. In January a position opened up to work for the chief criminal deputy who is assigned to homicide and i jumped at the chance to work with him. good stuff: he is a really amazing prosecutor and a really respect him, homicide is actually slightly easier to deal with, my work space is tucked away in a corner, he is very open to me being flexible with work hours (coming in early or working through lunch) if i need to for school. hard stuff: he produces a TON of work so i am really super busy, i really miss working with one of the attorney's i left...we had worked together for 4 1/2 years and it was one of the only reasons i was sad to make the switch. We also have a conference going on for the national victims' rights week and i somehow got pulled in to doing a bunch of graphic design stuff, posters, banners, flyers and even a movie ad for the local theaters. I love that i feel recognized for some skills that i don't usually use at work....but see a few sentences back about being really super busy. 

So i'm feeling stretched, in good and bad ways. Sometimes it's stretched too thin and painful and sometimes it's the feeling of a really great stretch in a yoga class. When i'm really in the zone and feel like i got just a little deeper into Ustrasana then ever before and it feels so damn good. 

Things have been quiet around here mostly because i get very introverted sometimes when i'm feeling stretched so this is just a friendly hello to say i'm here. hi!

(pictures are totally unrelated to this blog but as a side-note i've been very into making soup on Sunday's, that was turkey chili, and when husband and i have a chance we are playing blokus. It's rad. very logic/puzzley which works for the chess coach, although i frequently beat him)