Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've coined a new phrase around my house...grinchy. It means to behave in a manner not befitting the holiday season approaching. This time of year always seems to fly for me.
On Friday E and I will have been married 5 years. Feels like 5 days! It's almost ridiculous how happy I am.
A week later, well 6 days, Is faux-thanksgiving. Or as I like to call it another year bites the dust.
E and I will have two whole weeks of being 28 before he has HIS b-day and then not quite two weeks later is Christmas. My parents are coming for a week and I am so excited to see them!
So even though there is lots to be excited about (did I mention the DS lite and new super mario brothers game that E bought me as an early b-day present? LOVING IT!) I'm feeling grinchy.
I miss my family.
Arizona is too warm for November...the other night with no heat on I got to warm while sleeping and woke up.
I miss autumn.
The leaves were golden and red for a week and then the wind blew and they were gone.
I miss my family.
Work is still really stressing me out...I think the end is in sight but this has literally been the hardest year work wise and I can pin the whole situation on one particular person no matter how much I try to be kind.
I miss friends who are far away.
I am really amazingly blessed and in so many ways incandescently happy.
But I'm still grinchy so please send me some happy thoughts and suggestions on how to break out of my blue mood.
Don't worry...I'm planning several posts about what I'm thankful for soon.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I brought these lovelies to work yesterday....yummy! The ones with just sprinkles are non-partisan the rest are for Obama. Cupcakes for Obama! It's weird how invested I feel in this election. I live in a red state and I am anything but red in my viewpoints...I'm happy with the outcome of the presidential race but upset by the news from California...
I think the most importatnt thing now is to move forward as a united country even if the election did not go how you were hoping.
Is it strange to maybe want to become a citizen just so I can vote in four years?
Peace love and CUPCAKES!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Scrappy Love Part 2

Part two of the scrappy love. Here are some layouts from our trip to Toronto last year for Gary & David's wedding. One new product I found that I love Love LOVE and i've mentioned before is the Dotted Swiss...I used it again on the background here and it's yummy!

Another really neat find are these page protectors from American Craft. They are 12" tall and 6" wide. I used them here as a little half page between the two pages above and below. It has some more pictures from TO and on the pabk i'll put some journaling. I love the look!

So all of the pages except the one below are of our trip in July of last year to Toronto Canada. The page below is about E and his Grandpa. E graduated from the same university as his grandpa 50 years (minus one semester) after he graduated. Both with degrees in education.
E's grandpa is an awesome man and it was really neat to have him there to see E graduate. Every so often in E's alumni literature we will see his name for athletic achievement and he still holds the record at NAU for the most points scored by one person in one basketball game. And for the record that was before 3 point shots. ROCKSTAR!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scrappy love part 1

So last weekend while E was away I went to Phoenix with a friend and we went to SCRAPFEST!
This is some of the stuff I got done...
I'm loving this bazzil dotted swiss cardstock....I used a ton!

More to come later!
We are having a very chill night and I am NOT looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

catching up

So. I've been a little A.W.O.L. Work has been really stressful and I've been having some trouble with my teeth.....dentist visit diagnosis root canal and AFTER that appointment but before the scheduled root canal I BROKE A TOOTH. Seriously. So I had to have a filling last Thursday and a root canal this Thursday. Yeah. Loving it!

Had a lovely weekend last weekend in Phoenix with a friend. Except my phone died. So welcome to my life crackberry! It's only been a week and I love you already! I love how you keep me on schedule and in touch. I love how you do so much with your tiny little size. I just love you!

Today was a good day. Got some projects done around the house while E was at the State Chess qualifying thingy and then we headed over to Kimmy's for a day of the dead party! Highlights included tacos, face painting, and SUGAR SKULLS! I decorated the big one on top...the purple one to the right of the big one, the one that is below and to the right of the purple one, and the pink one just below the big one. I really liked the sugar skulls!

Hope you had a great first day of November!