Friday, August 04, 2006

So Kim shall be getting two signo unibal white pens in the mail asap from moi and although I will in no way hold her to it I would not mind getting some "I miss my homeland" crack cocaine in return. There are MANY thing and MANY people I miss in Canada....
See the layout below for evidence of this...note that these are THINGS I miss.....if I could pack up my family or better yet get back home more often I would be set....
In no particular order I miss
Crispy Crunch Bars,
Aero (especially carmel ones)
Crunchie bars,
ketchup and all dressed chips
crispers (all dressed)
zesty cheese doritos (and NO they do not have those here....they have 7 different flavours that we did not have in Canada but no zesty)
Mackintosh Toffee
seriously the list is endless...
and I think the hardest thing is that when you are homesick....and missing somewhere so badly it makes your chest want comfort's highly disturbing when they don't have BBQ sauce at McDonalds for your chicken nuggets.....because it's just so not home.
So while I miss the people and places I used to know....I know that they can not be instlanty transported here the way that having a crispy crunch bar makes me feel at home. So when I go home I stockpile....also evidenced in the LO below. I'm so excited to go home for Christmas this year....I think we will be able to stay for almost two weeks...and I can't wait to see snow!!!

OK enough of that....I'm really not nearly as homesick as I just sounded...and Kim I really was kidding about the pens being held hostage. After all what are friends for?

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