Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I've been a blog slacker. Not because it has been that long since I blogged but since I did not blog about Mothers Day!

One of the things that I find hardest about living in Arizona is missing my family.
They are just SO far away and we don't have the option of spending casual time getting together with them without spending a LOT of money.

I miss my dad's stews, and my mom's baking.

But one thing I feel blessed by is that I feel like my relationship with my mother is strengthened by a little distance. As a headstrong willful girl it helps me to see past the things that annoy me when we live together and just see all of the good things that I love about her.

And I feel like I'm becoming more like her every day.....sometimes it's just in the way I will stand with my hands on my hips....sometimes it's how I will laugh hysterically at something in a movie or book or on the TV. I think I am slowly becoming more like my mother....and you know what? That makes me happy.
I have a scrapbook page in my head about this very topic. I'll post when complete.


Anonymous said...

Great post Amy. I love that picture of Mom and Dad.

Mom said...

I finally found your blog page when Eldon sent the email about his blog. Just for your information I have saved it as a favorite.
I really enjoyed reading your note about Mommies Day. Thanks Amy.