Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes YOU can.

So I don't want to be an American. I'm proud to be Canadian and while I make my home here I've never felt this pressing need to become a citizen. We don't have kids so that's not an issue and I didn't really see any benefit. Downsides no jury duty (though they did try to summon me), no voting. Oh yeah. Forgot about that one.

Did you know if you've lived outside of Canada for more than five consecutive years without maintaining a residence there you can't even vote by mail. Yeah.

So since I have no voice in this election (except a loving husband who takes into account my opinions when deciding what to do with his vote) I'm pleading. Vote!

Register to vote!

Take time out of your busy schedule and VOTE!

It's a privilege! Use your voice!

And as for registering (which is essential) you are seriously running out of time.
So please. Vote.