Tuesday, December 02, 2008


E loves this dressing for thanksgiving. Wild and white rice, celery, onion, almonds and sausage. YUM!
I saw this and made these for the friends I saw Twilight with about a week before the movie. Linda helped. Just basic white cuppies with a cherry filling and cherry bite marks. They were a hit and super moist!
Have made these a few times as well. Coconut macaroons with a chocolate ganache. Yummy!
There was a lot of chess happening for our family this fall (and by that I mean for E of course) but the season is over! The last tournament was held in Tucson the weekend before Thanksgiving and I am thankful! I miss E a bunch because he's gone most weekends in the fall and it's nice to have him home more. Although I do have to say it's always nice when it starts up again since we are generally quite sick of each other after the summer.

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