Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October random thoughts.

So Thanksgiving was wonderful. Great company, great food, performance art jell-o, turkey and all other manner of lovely things. I had to go to class after though and work on my research paper. Boo!

I had the flu. It was horrid. E was lovely.

I haven't been sleeping since said flu.
Also the smell of food cooking and the act of swallowing...still not so much loving.

I studied for my mid term for a few hours tonight and suddenly got the urge to completely clean/re-organize the office. RIGHT THAT MINUTE.

No idea why I chose to do my research paper on Doubt: a Parable.  After reading tons of research I am thinking that since I deal with a lot of abuse/molestation at work I should have picked the "He's a Good Man Charlie Brown" option.

Our tickets for the National Monument tour came in the mail. Can not wait until March.

The nanaimo bars I made for thanksgiving were delish if i do say so myself. And I do.

Still really loving my punkins. They are pretty and make me happy.

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