Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Bees!

we have been busy little bees. 
in other news, some peeps are dropping by tomorrow to replace this hot mess which is the window situation in our house. old nasty windows to be replaces with brand spankin' new energy efficient ones. yay! also important because we are installing an alarm system, because the combo of my job +our car being broken into has made me slightly paranoid. (seriously)
someone ran away to enjoy some guy time on a houseboat at Lake Powell. yes he is exactly as sunburned as he looks.  but he had a great time and it was well deserved. i get to run away tomorrow while windows are installed.....fair trade.

this was going to be more but as a result of a lovely power outage i enjoyed an evening of takeout thai and movies with the husband  instead. also, fair trade. more later. xoxo

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