Friday, October 01, 2010

Faux Fall

Growing up in northern Ontario fall was my favorite season. The crisp air, apples, fall leaves changing color, sweaters, baking more, school starting, hockey season, you know….the usual. Well, living in Arizona fall is not so much the same. We were in Phoenix last weekend and temps topped 100. Seriously. So while I’m still persuading husband to move somewhere with actual seasons (he has this whole argument about not having to shovel sunshine, whatever) in the meantime I celebrate what I like to call….wait for it…FAUX FALL!
This involves wearing sweaters (ok mostly in my air conditioned car or office), drinking lots of cider & tea etc., baking pie, eating as many honeycrisp apples as I can, taking my niece Kaitee to the pumpkin patch (where we usually roast) with her other aunt aka. one of my besties Kimmy, decorating with pumpkins, day trips to Flagstaff where it actually feels like fall, etc.

So if you live in Arizona like me, considering celebrating the season known as Faux Fall and if you live somewhere where there is real fall, consider yourself blessed and seek out something quintessentially fall-like just for me k? I’ll love you forever!


Mr. ELF said...

Leave the fall? Are you crazy?

Miss Jaster said...

Faux Fall... Gotta love it. Fall is my fave season, even if we don't "really" have it here. LOL :)

PS: You are not allowed to leave me.
my face would be SAD, FOREVER.