Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So maybe my new facebook profile picture looks like this:
Not all that surprising when you consider that they actually changed the night of the federal election debate (french speaking) just so it wouldn't conflict with the habs/bruins game. Seriously. 

I'm also crazy amused that there are more teams from CALIFORNIA than from CANADA in the NHL playoffs. Really. 

It might sound silly but this is totally part of my heritage. Watching games at home on TV with my dad. Playing street hockey "CAR"! Going to live games, the scrape of skates and the cold smell of ice.  
Skating for PE on Friday's in the winter and even better....skating on outdoor rinks under the stars. One of my earliest memories involves skating on the Rideau canal with a hot chocolate and a beaver tail. 

I may live in sunny Arizona, and yes it's true that I can almost always get away without wearing a jacket year-round. But inside....i'll always be Canadian.  So, GO HABS GO! 

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