Thursday, March 23, 2006

I so never got around to posting something pretty. What I did do though is post links to most of the blogs I read. So I thought that writing a blurb about why I like each blog would be pretty too!
cathy z
She's inspiring. I love her scrapping and her obsession with flavor-ice.
tara whitney
Her photography moves me.
elsie flannigan
She embodies the free-spirited style that I wish I could be.
stacy julian
She totally gets the big picture.
lindsay teague
A chick doing what she loves....what's better than that??
ali edwards
I love how she is a life artist....keeping records of the moments.
jen sebast
Just an all around cool chick!
christina padilla
I love her rockin' style....and i'm her stalker....but not in that creepy way where I follow her around and collect her used tissues or anything ;)
jenni bowlin
I love her kits!!
kim - just my type
I love reading about her days....having fun with Morgan and being every bit the mom I want to be some day!
vivid memories
She's just plain cool! And whenever I read her blog I think about Toronto....a city I miss SO MUCH!!
She talks about poop.....a lot.
donna downey
She "rawks" the bad girl scrappin'!
heidi swapp
A rockin' scrapper with a bun in the oven! Her products make me swoon!
All the goss that's fit to type!
pink is the new blog

I really will attempt to get my blog looking better......give me time!!

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