Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today was an interesting day. Part of the day was really good....scrapbooking with friends and just relaxing. And then.....someone ruined it pretty quickly. I have a really bad habit of letting other people's bad behaviour affect my mood....not a good thing. I just feel like this woman drop-kicked me when I was already feeling down and out. It's something that I really just need to learn to deal with....refusing to let other people determine my mood. My dad used to the thermostat....not the thermomoter. ANYWAYS! I mailed Nathan his birthday present today. It will so not get to him by Monday (his birthday) but it's on it's way and i'll call and send him all my love over the phone lines on the actual day. I love that kid!! Who knew little brothers could grow up to be so cool?
The best thing about today was that Eldon was really supportive after the person was such a jerk. Moving to Arizona has been such an adjustment....learning to live a whole different life than I had been living. He is so worth it!

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