Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So the situation with the....interestingly stupid.....woman from Saturday has not had any closure yet. I feel better about it just because i've decided how i'm going to deal with it but she's SO not on my Christmas list!
So the other major drama lately is that we might be buying a house. We are checking out our options but it looks like we are going to go for this cute little starter home in a good neighborhood that needs some work and TLC.....most of the work is cosmetic...and things like putting in a cooling system because WE LIVE ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN!
My friend Nicole may be having a baby soon....she's not due for another month (the baby would be considered full term though because he's big) and she's dialiated!!! I'm so excited! We are so ready to welcome the little guy into our life!!! So that makes TWO of my sister-in-laws that are expecting....send out some prayers for April if you are reading this...she needs them. And three of my friends that are expecting...so fun!!!
Babies babies all around and not one for me!!
I guess things happen in thier own time...and maybe I just need to make some space in my life and then that will happen.
On that note I leave you with a picture of my adorable nephews....who I love so dearly!!!
P.S.....maybe not!! It is not letting me upload that so......i'll try again in the morning!!

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