Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've coined a new phrase around my house...grinchy. It means to behave in a manner not befitting the holiday season approaching. This time of year always seems to fly for me.
On Friday E and I will have been married 5 years. Feels like 5 days! It's almost ridiculous how happy I am.
A week later, well 6 days, Is faux-thanksgiving. Or as I like to call it another year bites the dust.
E and I will have two whole weeks of being 28 before he has HIS b-day and then not quite two weeks later is Christmas. My parents are coming for a week and I am so excited to see them!
So even though there is lots to be excited about (did I mention the DS lite and new super mario brothers game that E bought me as an early b-day present? LOVING IT!) I'm feeling grinchy.
I miss my family.
Arizona is too warm for November...the other night with no heat on I got to warm while sleeping and woke up.
I miss autumn.
The leaves were golden and red for a week and then the wind blew and they were gone.
I miss my family.
Work is still really stressing me out...I think the end is in sight but this has literally been the hardest year work wise and I can pin the whole situation on one particular person no matter how much I try to be kind.
I miss friends who are far away.
I am really amazingly blessed and in so many ways incandescently happy.
But I'm still grinchy so please send me some happy thoughts and suggestions on how to break out of my blue mood.
Don't worry...I'm planning several posts about what I'm thankful for soon.

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