Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project 365 Week 3

1-11-2009 No picture posted. I took pictures for a friend and didn't want to post the family picture on my blog without asking.

1-12-2009 Ariel. I was super sick in bed and she kept me company all day!

1-13-2008 Still sick...the house was getting progressively messier.

1-14-2009 E scraping ice off cars...he took neighbors to school with him and I went with my friend/their mom.
1-15-2009 Parking lot at work. The sun sets just as I leave every day.

1-16-2009 By the time we get our mail on the way home it's almost set.

1-17-2009 Eldon taking down part of our fence with his you like my dirt yard?

1 comment:

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

i thought you posted pics of your cardinals cupcakes???
I can't remember where.
Have a great day!