Thursday, January 08, 2009

Spiders ICK me out! I was all ready to go to bed....husband already in bed...and from the corner of my eye....SPIDER!

I loathe spiders.

We have spiders in Arizona.....DANGEROUS ONES!

We found a black widow in our eaves once, a scorpion in the entryway, and don't even get me started on the centipedes and wind scorpions. *shudder*

Totally freaked out even though I DROWNED it in raid and woke husband up to dispose of it. (Yes I am that heartless.)

And note to self...Do not go googling "Poisonous Arizona Spiders" when you are already freaked out and wired...NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Google something cakewrecks....or lolcats.

Seriously....too freaked out to sleep now!

Pictures not included for obvious reasons. *gag* *shudder*

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