Wednesday, September 16, 2009

he's mynewt ;)

Apparently this is my week for wildlife :) I was driving my friend Kim home tonight and we saw a skunk....which started us telling wildlife stories. This week alone has introduced us to "Batty" the bat that moved in while I was in class Monday night and stayed until the following evening when E scared him off. *sad*

Then after the FAIR! Where we ate trashy fair food and I WON BLUE RIBBONS and A BEST IN CLASS RIBBON. That's right....i'm officially small town. I was coreced into entering entered my lemon bars some cards and scrapbook pages and won three blue ribbons (1st place),a red ribbon (2nd place) and a best in class (that's like better than first....a special award...for my lemon bars! Officially a hick, I know.

When we got home we met this little guy! He's a newt...

Huzzah for wildlife!


angieinpink said...

holy bat...that is crazy. and oh my large lizard!

Kimmy said...

ohh I like that fair pic. mine were crap.

Love Batty. Want one.