Thursday, September 17, 2009


Can we discuss the fact that 10 minutes ago I went into my kitchen and saw THIS on the sink without discussing how i really need to mop. K?
Centipede and scorpion in one's father will never want to visit again and I will not sleep tonight without inspecting every inch of our bed and room.
E is going out of town tomorrow.....I may have to have a sleepover or something....I'm totally freaked out.  He is now checking under the couch with a flashlight. LOVE HIM!
ohhhhhh.....I could check into a hotel!
What? Just thinking of options.


Katy said...

Can I just say yuck-o!!! I hope you get your "wildlife" problem taken care of soon!!

Kimmy said...

the scorpion was worse...but I have a scorpion phobia...guess you don't have critters like these in the frozen tundra you're from eh? LOL