Sunday, September 06, 2009

School is stealing my soul.

School is good. Good but rough. I haven't been in school for a few years now and i'm just out of practice. It is also harder then I remember, when I was in school last time for most of the time I would go to school from 8-3 and work from 3:30- midnight. I do not have that type of energy anymore.
It's also scary....i'm following my dreams and that's more intimidating than I thought it would be. So happy to have an extra day of weekend this weekend FOR SURE!

In other news I'm super blessed. I have a supportive partner. I get to use my brain and learn and grow. I have a three day weekend....thinking i'm going to get creative and make some bread do some atristic stuff. :) We are planning a trip to D.C. in the spring so ideas for what we will do are percolating.

We had an awesome day out of town with some friends for shopping, thai food, art in the park, and fun.


Kimmy said...

I look creepy when I eat. I need the pic of me in my spiffy new coat!

Amy said...

I read Amy's title to this post and thought I had stumbled onto my own blog.

Amy is doing really well in her classwork, keeping up with the assignments and passing all the quizzes.

Amy said...

Oh shoot....that was Eldon! I forgot she was logged on.