Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project 365 Week 3

1-11-2009 No picture posted. I took pictures for a friend and didn't want to post the family picture on my blog without asking.

1-12-2009 Ariel. I was super sick in bed and she kept me company all day!

1-13-2008 Still sick...the house was getting progressively messier.

1-14-2009 E scraping ice off cars...he took neighbors to school with him and I went with my friend/their mom.
1-15-2009 Parking lot at work. The sun sets just as I leave every day.

1-16-2009 By the time we get our mail on the way home it's almost set.

1-17-2009 Eldon taking down part of our fence with his you like my dirt yard?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 2 Project 365





Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So to top off the wonderful day that we had today I just had to share some laughs. I love someeecards by the way! the spirit of "strategery", "misunderestimate", "hispanically" and "subliminable."
And even though I really am Canadian.....for the rest of you!

I have hope! And I hope that everyone gets that this is humor....and the best humor comes from truth.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So first came the credenza....which E forgets and calls the costanza (george for short). We bought it at an auction at work because the whole time we have owned this house we have had nothing on that wall. It's perfect.

Then we painted it red. YUM! I am thinking another coat when it's warmer out but it's really not as shiny as it looks.

Then went to ikea and bought magnetboards.Two. This is the hanging process. Why yes I am type A!

And the finished product! Bad lighting and all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Card swap!

So i'm smack dab in the middle of making cards for a card swap the lovely Nicole is hosting later this month. Trying to avoid my usual procrastination and get things done in plenty of time so here's card 1 of 3.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


One of my goals this year is a picture a day. Project 365. I think i'm going to post these once a week on my blog too. Enjoy!

My parents were in town and so we played tourist. Petrified forest-Painted Desert National Park. Really fun.

We had a really chill day which started out with me making german pancakes. Yummy!

E took my parents and his out for a movie and dinner. I stayed at home because I didn't feel well and made an album for my parents.
New Years Eve at the Copes. We had yummy app's and played cranium. Lettuce, Tomatoes, Dressing! = Nicole and I are unstoppable when paying against our hubs.


Playing tourist it was at Rawhide Wild West Town. Kinda cheesy, Kinda fun!


My parents caught a red-eye home tonight but before they left we caught a Coyotes game....they actually won! Miracles happen!! 1-3-2009

Before we headed back to Holbrook we shopped, saw The Lion King at Gammage and finished the day off with sprinkles...I <3>

Spiders ICK me out! I was all ready to go to bed....husband already in bed...and from the corner of my eye....SPIDER!

I loathe spiders.

We have spiders in Arizona.....DANGEROUS ONES!

We found a black widow in our eaves once, a scorpion in the entryway, and don't even get me started on the centipedes and wind scorpions. *shudder*

Totally freaked out even though I DROWNED it in raid and woke husband up to dispose of it. (Yes I am that heartless.)

And note to self...Do not go googling "Poisonous Arizona Spiders" when you are already freaked out and wired...NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Google something cakewrecks....or lolcats.

Seriously....too freaked out to sleep now!

Pictures not included for obvious reasons. *gag* *shudder*