Tuesday, November 13, 2007


OK it's a little crazy to think that I have been taking belly dancing classes for almost a month now! It's super great exercise and really fun to boot! Highlight of this past Saturday's class was meeting fellow Canadian Linda...we had a total "shared Canadian heritage" moment and it was nice to meet a new friend. She thinks we should get together with the other Canadian ladies in town and form a group "The Butter Tarts". Hysterical! The picture above is a new hip scarf I ordered...my sister in law April bought me a really pretty pink one as an early birthday present and that's what I've been using, I'm excited to have an extra one to switch out with and to share with a friend if they come along to try it out.
I'll be back later with more about our long weekend!

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Cookie baker Lynn said...

Nanaimo bars rock! And no, I don't think you're a creepy stalker. I'm glad that my older posts are still being enjoyed.