Sunday, July 06, 2008

bucket list

A few weeks ago I made a list of things I want to do before I go. Go where? Who really knows? That is another whole post. But for now this is my list. I've actually got it on the sidebar as well and i'm hoping to get some of these things checked off. All offers to help are graciously accepted. :)

My list of things….inspired by Mighty Girl:
Safari in Africa
Scuba dive
Pyramids at sunset
Ride a trolley car in San Francisco
Visit South Korea with E
Have a beignets in New Orleans
Take a road trip across the U.S.
Stay in an ice hotel
Go to a rodeo
Compete on Jeopardy
Visit London
Learn to play at least one song really well on the guitar
Visit Paris
Know basic French (ok so yes I can do this a little but I would like to be better)
Set foot in all fifty states
Stand atop the Great Wall of China
Practice sign language to where I am MUCH better
Stand inside the Taj Mahal
Do two push ups
Witness a miracle
Go berry picking and make pies
Have a dog again
Make a peaceful living space for our family
Get in the habit of grand loving gestures
Visit New York City
See the nutcracker ballet
Make a sand castle
Go back to school
Learn to play the piano (again)
Learn how to remember peoples' names
Carve our initials inside a heart somewhere
Take a two-week vacation without computers
See monument valley at sunset
Go to a Josh Groban concert
Sew an apron
Learn how to drive stick
Make Toffee
Explore Washington DC
Go to Machu Picchu
Learn to surf
Make a loaf of yummy bread
Show E a moose in the wild
Read or attempt every book on my must read list
Do something I think I can’t do (marathon, sky dive, hang glide, movie script)
Have a family portrait taken
See a glacier
Live in another country for a year


Kimmy said...

I'll help you achieve the Groban one. :D

& who knows, maybe you'll witness a miracle there. ;)


Mr. ELF said...

The pure fact that she married me should be the miracle...but I'll go along and try to find another one for her. The best part is that I will be able to experience these things with her...yeah bucket list!

angieinpink said...

"Do two push ups"

You're just awesome.

That page...stunning.

leaner said...

Followed a link from Hairball, and I love this idea.

I love to sew, and an apron (unless you are talking fancy smancy) is pretty easy. Check out some tutorials on the web.

Oh, and I LOOOVE the banner! SO beautiful.