Saturday, July 05, 2008

Giveaway winner!!

So the grand prize winner, as chosen by random number generator was number 4 or Gene!! He was the winner of the fun prize package below.

Gene, Nicole and Caleb are actually staying with us this weekend and we were all very amused when he won the Canadian treats! In other news I got these adorable shades in the mail as part of the "Shades of Summer" fun on this adorable girls blog. Elizabeth Kartchner

So cute!!!

Then it was on to the annual 4th of July Fireman's BBQ and fireworks. We are having a total blast with the C's. So fun to have company for the 4th!


Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Happy 4th of July Amy and of course HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!
Thanks for the goodies:)
It's been fun...the work will soon begin.

Kira McKee said...

Hi Amy! I received the box with the sunglasses yesterday and just got it packed up to send on to the next person. What a fun way to meet people! I loved your bucket list (and the layout you did for it!) and I'm totally inspired. I'm going to do one too! Thanks so much for the little goodies you put in the box, that was very very sweet!