Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kicking tail and taking names!

Miss Kimmy and I switched some pictures last month(because I was super super inspired by her Wicked page and wanted her to scrap our wicked pictures fro when we were in LA last November). By the way, so did not even realize that my new specs were WICKED looking until Miss Lou pointed it out.....I am obsessed even in my subconscious! Anyways we switched and Kimmy did a super job on my pics her wicked page for me. I however had been slacker/super busy and so have just now finished!!!

I have been super busy all weekend getting stuff done (can anyone believe I actually made bread?) and have also completed these two lanyard ID holder thingies. At my work you have to wear an ID badge...they are coded to open doors and all sorts of other things so I whipped these two up. I have made a few as presents and now people are wanting to buy them. FUN!!


Kimmy said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love it! Thank you!

Rick & Christa said...

I have to say it are so freaking talented!

Lynn said...

Love this layout! Awesome!


Ronda P. said...

beautiful layout and I love the bead lanyards!

Lis said...

Fantastic layout :)