Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crack....It's an addiction.

I've had this before but I completely forgot how good it was until I saw it on Smitten Kitchen.

That was the beginning of the end. E has found a new love...people at his school are talking about how Mr. F's wife makes good crack. The jokes at the office were endless. I routinely hear things like "They found 500 pounds of marijuana in the car." and "The blood sample tested positive to methamphetamine.". You can imagine the joke potential of a dessert nicknamed crack.

Make it....make it now! Except the Cope's because I'm bringing you some this weekend.
Here's the recipe!


Lou said...

I made "crack" for scrapping on friday night and it was a HUGE hit. They demolished the entire batch. Now I need to make somemore so that my sister can try it. Thank you Amy for the new addiction. LOL.

Kimmy said...

It's really funny when teachers walk around the school saying they need crack. ahhaha. I shared the name with them.. they thought you were brilliant.