Friday, April 10, 2009


I miss my family. I miss Sunday dinners. A roast, roast chicken, ham, grilling on the barbeque or even a simple stew. Sunday’s were the one day of the week that we would usually eat together and talk. And Easter Sunday? Time for a feast! Yummy food, many friends who didn’t have any place to go, great conversation, movies and games and yes…a chocolate Easter bunny.
Now E and I are the lost friends who don’t have a place…luckily for us we have great friends. So our Easter plans are as follows. We had dinner with the Parkers et al tonight. I brought rice dressing.
Linda made performance art jello and it was lovely and delicious.

Easter treats for our nieces and nephews are already delivered and probably devoured.

Easter cards have been mailed out to dear people near and far. (a recent goal of mine is to actually mail out more of the handmade cards I make) and that’s it.It’s good. It’s enough. But I miss my family. A lot.

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Kimmy said...

you MUST give me the rice stuffing recipe, that stuff was SO GOOD!!!