Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 was a very good year

it brought a lot of growth and happiness

went back to school
conquered my fear of yeast bread and moved on to pretzels, rolls and bagels
watched e grade papers
missed Canada
took bokeh, glow stick and sparkler photographs
worked on my life list
turned 29
made crème brulee
took a picture (almost) every day
aced all of my classes
fell in love with instant photography again

went to Disneyland
read books

listened to lost of music
made gingerbread houses
aquired a new nephew
saw the nutcracker
celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary
celebrated E turning 30
saw rent, wicked and the lion king
lost people we loved
renovated our bathroom

a fond farewell 2009 and every happiness in 2010!

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