Sunday, January 10, 2010

So i had some goals....

so i had some goals for my break. which was sadly a week shorter than i had thought.
i think i did really well!

bake bagels (done and delicious, i bought sesame seeds at the market on saturday so next weekend i'm trying sesame seed ones)

write down my must read list in a nifty notebook (done)

finish reading outliers (done & loved it)

walk (done & loved it)

see the nutcracker ballet (done & loved it)

hem some pants (done)

finish up my project 365 (pictures ordered and here, planning on finishing up this weekend at scrapbooking)

drink tea (done & yum)

give (done & loved it)

yoga (not done, sad)

and hopefully blog (done! it was good to get thoughts out and make connections.

this weekend was really great. yesterday we got to spend time with some great friends and eat some yummy greek food. today was spent being lazy. back to work and school tomorrow.

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rebekka said...

I love those cups...I have the one with an "s" on it :)