Tuesday, January 05, 2010

random post of randomness

i am such a child in that i can only stomach vitamins when they come in gummi form.
fortunately this is a trend. yay!

my husband E made us tempura for dinner last night. i am blessed. it was delish.

i have been cleaning and re-organizing like mad. making space makes me happy. my friend linda always teases me about how i get rid of/purge things but it works for me.

it's been really cold here. i feel odd saying that because growing up in NORTHERN ONTARIO was colder...but like....dude...i can't wear flip flops....and i sometimes have to wear gloves and uggs with my hooded sweater.

i thought school started again on the 18th. i was wrong. it's the 11th. looking forward to it but i feel cheated out of my extra week!
a co-worker/friend lost a long battle with cancer yesterday. i'm happy that she is at peace
but she will be very missed.

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