Monday, January 04, 2010


what a difference a year makes. a year ago i was afraid to make anything with yeast.
i started out making no knead bread. and it was good.
then came pretzels, and rolls, and this weekend;

the recipe i followed is from Peter Reinhart via this post at the Brown Eyed Baker
i love Michelle's blog and this recipe was awesome.
i really enjoy a good bagel and since moving west i find it harder to come across a good one.
this recipe yielded a chewy, somewhat dense bagel with a crisp crust. delicious!
e loved these and urged me to make a second batch this weekend shortly after he tasted them so we could freeze and toast at will.

up next.....eclairs OR croissants....cast your votes now!


angieinpink said...

those are pro. and look very tasty. good job. (:

i vote both. (:

mademoisellechitchat said...

Dear Amy: Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog! I agree with Ang., those bagels look DELISH!

Would you please tell me the date of the post detailing the chocolate chip cookie recipe? I have one for you as well - - -Doubletree Chocolate Chip cookie. Google it. If you would like my copy, I can send it to you. Secondly, make the pecan sandies from DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

No, your blog header is the one that is beautiful. Didn't you just luv the Chiluly exhibit?

RE: the cookies, I will try them. Hey, go to and also try the chocolate chip shortbread cookies; a friend gave me some for Christmas. They are DIVINE.

Try the Pecan Sandies recipe first. It's simple and WONDERFUL. Let the dough chill overnight. That's what I do - -- I make my dough at night, and then I set it out for an hour in the AM. Then, I start baking.

Yes, I use either a cookie scoop, or a 2 tablespoon coffee scooper. I am all about uniformity with my cookies; they are each the same size. I also use the parchment paper (like yourself). It's one of the best baking inventions.

Do you also store your cookies in an airtight container with pieces of bread (white or wheat) torn in half? If not, do so; you will never have another hard, homemade cookie.


Slade Family said...

Those bagels look amazing!! I myself am still at odds with yeast. Maybe this will be the year to break free of my yeast fear. Thanks for inspiring me Amy!