Sunday, January 17, 2010


we booked tickets to DC for a trip this spring with friends. yay!
this picture was taken at the national zoo when i was a little girl.
i'm the kiddo on my dad's shoulders.
if you are of a prayerful spirit, my dad is in the hospital and could use positive thoughts/prayers.
i think the hardest part about living so far away is when things happen and you wish you could BE there.
not that there is anything i can do, and it is not life-threatening, but it still scares me and
 i wish i could  be home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So i had some goals....

so i had some goals for my break. which was sadly a week shorter than i had thought.
i think i did really well!

bake bagels (done and delicious, i bought sesame seeds at the market on saturday so next weekend i'm trying sesame seed ones)

write down my must read list in a nifty notebook (done)

finish reading outliers (done & loved it)

walk (done & loved it)

see the nutcracker ballet (done & loved it)

hem some pants (done)

finish up my project 365 (pictures ordered and here, planning on finishing up this weekend at scrapbooking)

drink tea (done & yum)

give (done & loved it)

yoga (not done, sad)

and hopefully blog (done! it was good to get thoughts out and make connections.

this weekend was really great. yesterday we got to spend time with some great friends and eat some yummy greek food. today was spent being lazy. back to work and school tomorrow.

Friday, January 08, 2010


the husband and i have taken to walking around our neighborhood.

one day this week he was at work late so i set out on my own, with glee playing on my ipod.
i enjoyed saying hello to the horses and cows down the street.
watched the little birdies hop hop hop on the side of the road.
wished i had a cute dog to walk with.
wished i had pepper spray when i passed the empty pockets saloon.
walked through campus and down route 66.
a lovely half hour of music and thinking.

the sun was setting over the desert as i walked up to my door and i remembered why i like living in arizona.
it's january and i took a walk in sneakers and a hooded sweater. beautiful!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

random post of randomness

i am such a child in that i can only stomach vitamins when they come in gummi form.
fortunately this is a trend. yay!

my husband E made us tempura for dinner last night. i am blessed. it was delish.

i have been cleaning and re-organizing like mad. making space makes me happy. my friend linda always teases me about how i get rid of/purge things but it works for me.

it's been really cold here. i feel odd saying that because growing up in NORTHERN ONTARIO was colder...but like....dude...i can't wear flip flops....and i sometimes have to wear gloves and uggs with my hooded sweater.

i thought school started again on the 18th. i was wrong. it's the 11th. looking forward to it but i feel cheated out of my extra week!
a co-worker/friend lost a long battle with cancer yesterday. i'm happy that she is at peace
but she will be very missed.

Monday, January 04, 2010


what a difference a year makes. a year ago i was afraid to make anything with yeast.
i started out making no knead bread. and it was good.
then came pretzels, and rolls, and this weekend;

the recipe i followed is from Peter Reinhart via this post at the Brown Eyed Baker
i love Michelle's blog and this recipe was awesome.
i really enjoy a good bagel and since moving west i find it harder to come across a good one.
this recipe yielded a chewy, somewhat dense bagel with a crisp crust. delicious!
e loved these and urged me to make a second batch this weekend shortly after he tasted them so we could freeze and toast at will.

up next.....eclairs OR croissants....cast your votes now!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

10 life list goals for 2010

on my sidebar i have a list of things i want to do. it's kind of a reminder to live big and dream big. since i started my list i have crossed off some really big ones. going back to school, learning to make bread, and some small but happy things. in 2010 my goal is to cross off at least these 10 below.

Learn to drive stick

Make toffee

Visit DC

Go camping

See monument valley at sunset

Write down my list of must read books and read 10

Make a sand castle

2 push ups

Learn a memory trick for remembering people’s names

Try a raw oyster

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 was a very good year

it brought a lot of growth and happiness

went back to school
conquered my fear of yeast bread and moved on to pretzels, rolls and bagels
watched e grade papers
missed Canada
took bokeh, glow stick and sparkler photographs
worked on my life list
turned 29
made crème brulee
took a picture (almost) every day
aced all of my classes
fell in love with instant photography again

went to Disneyland
read books

listened to lost of music
made gingerbread houses
aquired a new nephew
saw the nutcracker
celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary
celebrated E turning 30
saw rent, wicked and the lion king
lost people we loved
renovated our bathroom

a fond farewell 2009 and every happiness in 2010!