Monday, October 22, 2007

I’ve been super stressed lately. It seems like there is no way to get everything done that needs to get done in any given day. It's manifesting itself by freaky dreams about work (three this past week) and other random ways. At the same time I have been really trying to take time out for myself and not lose my mind.

(ok I am typing this at work and troll woman just walked up behind me REEKING of cigarette smoke. GAG!)

So this past weekend I had some fun things planned with friends, Eldon had a chess tournament out of town so I was on my own from Friday mid-day till Saturday afternoon late.
On Friday night I went to a scrapbook group that meets once a month and just chills and scrapbooks and I was out until about 3:30 am.

I woke up at about 9:30 when Eldon called and spent the rest of the morning talking to Nicole and cleaning (Hi Nicole!) her son Caleb was doing the cutest thing while we were on the phone. Nicole asked if he wanted to talk to me and put the phone up to his face and he starts repeating "ELDON" over and over. It was super cute....Eldon said that that must be his new word that he is in lurve with!

I have this obsessive thing about cleaning my house on the weekends. I have certain tasks that I just never seem to find time to do during the week and they all stack up to be done on the weekend. Which really sucks when Eldon is not around to help, I try and leave him some tasks to get done but I usually end up doing the majority.

Anyways so on Saturday after cleaning and talking to Nicole (pretty much the best time of my day) I went to this card class that I do monthly. It was really fun....we always make about 4 really cute cards and 2 of each and it's just a fun little class. I went back home and commenced cleaning and then had my first belly dancing class that night!

My sister in law and some of my friends have been going to belly dancing for a few months now and really loving it so she bought me a hip scarf as an early birthday present and I’m belly dancing now. I have to say that my muscles were really sore on Sunday so it must have been working.

Ok before this becomes a LEGENDARY EPIC post I will end with a question. Any great ideas for food that freezes well or other non freezable winter fave foods. I'm going to try to get into the habit of then Eldon is in school cooking about once a month and then having things in the freezer. Any suggestions? I did a little of this last year but I'm looking for more variety. Crock pot recipes also very much appreciated.

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Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Love the belly dancing Ames! It was great talking to you too. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Man, I miss ya tons!!!
I hope that you have a good week.
I need to get moving and get stuff done:)
Talk to you soon!!!