Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ok. So it's been almost a year since i've blogged.
My friend Kimmy posted a challenge and tagged me to list 10 things I am happy about.
So here goes....

* I am happy to have Eldon in my life. He makes it better every day.
* I am happy to have so many wonderful nieces and nephews (especially Kaity) It's nice having kids around.
* I am happy that Abby and Ariel love the cat bed I made them so much. (pictures to come).
* I am happy that Nicole is my friend. She is such a good one and that has been in short supply for a few years!
* I am happy that i'm finally starting to feel like fall is here and be in the mood to make yummy treats like gingersnaps and cider.
* I am happy that Nicole should be coming home soon. I miss her!!
* I am happy that chess is almost over for the season....I have been one lonely housewife!
* I am happy I am almost done scrapbooking Eldon's mission....huge project and i'm almost done!
* I am happy that Eldon's family is getting on board for Canadian Thanksgiving....it makes being away from home a little easier.
* I am happy that Eldon and I will be going away for our FOUR YEAR anniversary and seeing WIcked/going to Disneyland....SUPER EXCITED!
* I am happy I have an ipod...otherwise known as amycrack.
* I am happy I finally got started with makig christmas gifts!!
* I am happy I am getting skinnier even though my clothes are all too big.
* I am happy that all I have to show from being sick on Sunday night are two semi-black eyes! I was mondo sick and broke some blood vessels...but it could have been worse right!

Ok so that's more than ten things....and since no one reads my blog I am going to tag
NICOLE! (Love you!)

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