Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Differences between Canada and “The states”

• No Swiss Chalet in Arizona! I lurve this restaurant!!
• No caramilk, aero (the caramel aero especially), wunderbars, crunchie or crispy crunch in Arizona. (There are more these are just our faves)
• Total lack of good deli meat and cheese in Arizona …it’s all processed and kinda not so tasty.
• No good bread in Arizona! I’m not talking sandwich bread….i’m talking a great baguette which you can get and any independent grocer baked fresh and cheap!
• Ditto bagels!
• Thanksgiving is freakishly late in “the states”….the end of November is WAY too late…it runs right in with Christmas….and as a side note….if it’s always the third Thursday in November how come it’s the 4th this year? Think about that one for a minute!
• Due to above my birthday often falls on Thanksgiving or somewhere around there….as does our anniversary. Not ideal for planning a getaway because Eldon’s family is big on Thanksgiving.
• Arizona is much too far from Ontario….it takes ages to get there and that means no random weekends visiting friends in Ontario….you have to go and visit for two weeks and still feel like you didn’t get to see everyone you wanted to see.
• No one in Arizona has ever heard of cabbage rolls! (I’m making these for dinner and so it’s on my mind) This may be specific to the south western part of “the states” but still valid!
Ok I will think of more of these.
Commenting on my last post I think I have a plan to cook half as often. Whenever I make something for dinner that can be frozen make twice as much and throw half into the freezer. This way I spend less of my weekend cooking and still amass a nice little stockpile of stuff to cook when I don’t feel like cooking.

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