Friday, March 14, 2008

Herding tumbleweeds!

So today was a WINDY WINDY day! Driving you could literally see tumbleweeds well....tumbling across the road. I ran one over and it shattered like it was made from spun glass. So crazy! This is a pile that blew into the corner of our yard. I use the word yard loosely.

Another thing we have been enjoying lately is all of the fresh citrus we are blessed to have in Arizona. Every few weeks we get a wonderful gift of fresh citrus from e's Grandpa Frank (oranges, tangelos and grapefruit) fresh from the tree and it is SO YUMMY! We eat a lot however we usually end up getting to the point of wanting to make juice so I recently got this attachment for my Kitchen Aid. E who is of course the designated citrus juicer is LOVING it! You have to appreciate tools that make jobs like that faster and easier.

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Anonymous said...

Tumbleweeds!!! I love it!