Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Loves

Some random things that I LOVE lately!

Skype. Loving chatting with Crystal in South Korea and my fam in Canada. Free and we love the video chat option.

It's a free bookswapping website where you post books you no longer want and request ones you do. For every book you mail you get a credit to order another book. Great for a reader like me.

Holy Cow! Awesome all purpose organic cleaner free of harmful VOC's. You can find it at Walmart and it also comes in window cleaner and heavy duty. Love it!

Fun little cupcake dog toys that my fave neighb Jaquel gave me. I think they are ADORABLE and I love them perched on my shelf in my scrapbook room!


Cling & Clatter said...

have to try the all purpose organic cleaner...thanks for posting...didn't now about this one

angieinpink said...

holy cow=dunn staple. love it!

Kimmy said...

LOOOOVe the cupcakes!!