Monday, March 31, 2008

i beat the devil

So was on easy. BUT it was still really hard and I am SO addicted to Guitar Hero!
We had a really low key weekend...we decided to make a Phoenix run this upcoming weekend (so excited to be there for Caleb's b-day!) so we scrapped date day and chilled and had tempura with some friends. We were super disappointed to miss the Beckers on Sunday (feel better soon Kath) but it did give us an opportunity to spend some time with E's family.

Hoping to relax a little this week. Not much on the agenda until Friday other than Yoga tomorrow and a jury trial starting Wednesday. Not all that excited about the's always a little different having one of the attorneys you work for in trial. Different responsibilities and heightened security and all that.

Also have been LOVING lately. Her cooking blog is THE BOMB and E really really loved these
Go check her out!!

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