Tuesday, March 04, 2008

kitchen love

I have a serious LOVE for organization....the thought of going to THE CONTAINER STORE just makes me go all weak in the knees. I know that this is not really "normal" or "socially acceptable" but it's SO my thing. These are a few of the things making me happy lately.

These canisters from Rubbermaid that store my flour and sugars. So clean. So large. I love a container for flour that lets you scoop and level without having flour get all over the counter.

I like a little container for brown sugar so that it does not get hard and stale. They are tight like unto a dish and fit oh so perfectly into my cabinet and that makes me HAPPY!!

Now, this might seem like a small one....it did only cost $4.95 after all. I LOVE this rack that holds my cutting boards, silpats, cookie sheets and muffin tins....and oh yeah the pizza stone. It really is lovely not to have to dig through that whole mess of stuff to make cupcakes. Nuf said.

This one is kind of shameful....because in our church....you are supposed to have MUCH FOOD STORAGE. And we SOOOOOOO do not! I know we should. I so understand this principle. I even think we may have some food storage cans of random oats...things of that nature in our storage room but lets be real...oats and only oats are not going to do me much good.
ANYWAYS...this cool little can rack holds most of our canned stuff we keep on hand. Small it may be...but small our family is!
That's all for now....stay tuned for more action and adventure after the jump! Including a whole post about carrots and the things like Carrot Cake Sandwich cookies that you can make from Carrots!!


Kimmy said...

LMAO. There is only one of me and I have more cans than you!!!

I love that rack thingy for your skinny stuff!!

I have your disease too, but it only applies to my scraproom organization. LOL. I am always buying baskets and boxes for scrap things. I have too many now.

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Love it!!!
I am so there...maybe a trip to Scottsdale next time you come up???
I have working it lately trying to get stuff done around here and doing Caleb's birthday invites. It's been crazy.
Anyway, love the blog!!
Talk soon.

Love Nicole

angieinpink said...

Those flower/sugar containers literally make my heart skip a beat.
Love. Need.