Saturday, March 22, 2008

SNL Saturday

Lots of love to my big sister Crystal who celebrated a birthday this week! I've been AWOL from blogging but I have it on good authority that she got the package I mailed her. It's amazing to me that packages can get from Arizona to South Korea in less than a week. Awesome!! Happy belated birthday Crys!!

Abby, Ariel and I have been chillin'. E is in Nevada having a little bit of a guys weekend and so i've been watching girly movies and taking naps. Have you ever watched a movie that you have not watched in YEARS and remember how much you like it. Today. Sound of Music. Me. Nuf said. Now i've moved on to SNL and dang it is FUNNY! Classic clip below.

Doing a little scrappin' and devouring Martha Stewart's new cookie book. I have bookmarked almost half of the book as recipes to try. The carrot cake cookie recipe I posted a few weeks ago is also in the book. Yummy!
I hope you have a restful blessed Sunday!

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Kimmy said...


Hope you enjoyed your girly weekend & are feeling better.

Your butter tarts were divine!
I think I ate 4 of them myself. :P
Thanks for brining them!