Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Blog

Painted Desert Enrichment.
Is a new blog I have started for my new calling as Home and Family Personal Enrichment Specialist in our ward. It's linked to the side and i'm going to be posting fun recipes and ideas for whatever our current enrichment activity is. Basically resources that the ladies can access at home and reference whenever they want/need.
I'm hoping this is a good idea and feeling a little nervous about how it will be recieved by the Relief my opinion it's a great idea (obviously) and I think that the younger sisters will LOVE it. We will also still be giving out handouts for the sisters that perfer that method.
Please do enjoy!!

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Rick & Christa said...

You Are Awesome! Way to magnify your calling! I love the blog and it will be received with open arms...if they know what's good for em'!