Thursday, April 10, 2008

work hard. play hard.

Having a great time around our house lately. I've been watching Jane Austen obsessively (last night it was Miss Austen Regrets) here's a rundown of what's been up at our casa!!

  • Getting random house stuff done before we have our first ever guest come and stay (Angela this means you).
  • E. has been doing testing at school (gag). He said it is more boring than anything.
  • Dinner last night with a friend followed by massive amounts of slothfulness and me cleaning my scrap desk while watching Jane!
  • Attorney I work for has been in a jury trial for the past two weeks = massive stress for me...HOORAY!
  • Planning out page kits for my upcoming scrappy date with Nicole which include a latenighter on the 19th AND the all day scrap fest on the 3rd of May. SO EXCITED! I'm determined to have projects all lined up to go so as to me the most productive i can. Naturally.
  • Looking forward to a somewhat chill weekend. E. has a meeting/class all day Saturday so I see visions of sponges and mops dancing in my head. I also have plans on Friday night to scrapbook with my sister in law Nicole and lunch plans with the amazing Beckers on Sunday YAY!!
  • Feeling a general need for some commitment to a healthier lifestyle. We are pretty healthy peeps in general but i'm thinking of ways we can be even healthier and happier.
  • Feeling super blessed to have the friends I have and the wonderful hubs I have. He's a rockstar and I love him almost to distraction!

That is TRULY all I have to say right now! Have a wonderfully BLESSED day!


Angela said...

Yay that's cool I didn't know I was going to be your first house guest. I can't wait to visit. I really can't

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Love all the blogging...been playing phone tag with you all day. Tomorrow will be crazy...plumbers back digging up and smashing everything. I am totally thrilled.
We went to the Phoenix Zoo fun!
Thanks again for everything last weekend. I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. See you next Friday:)

inara said...

jane austen rocks!!!!!