Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday of the darned!!

So we bought a car. It's all mine baby and it's a 2005 Kia Optima LX V6 and I'm in LOVE! I'm super excited about the trunk (yay) and the backseat. Both things missing from our other ride the '99 Ford Ranger. I'm a happy happy girl!

Been seeing a lot of this lately. Halo 3. E is very very very much enjoying the xbox - wii exchange program we are doing with the C's. He's a happy boy!!

Not so much in love with this.
Our oven (and only the oven...the burners work fine) has stopped working. I made cookies for enrichment last night (recipe on the other blog) and today when I went to make Rolo Melts there was no heat.
I had to schlepp over to our fave neigbs and borrow their oven and then schlepp back with a pan of not quite solid chocolate things.
E has not been able to get said oven working so sadly no Pecan Sticky Upside Down cupcakes for this weekend Nicole. Also nothing that needs to be baked in the meantime. We are trying to figure out if it's a quick cheap fix for our old cheap came with the house oven or if we replace it.
E's dad is hopefully coming to the rescue this Friday before we leave for Phoenix and hopefully they get something figured out. Honestly gas scares the living daylights out of me so I'm staying clear of that whole situation.
I am just at the point where starting the burners doesn't scare me that much not quite to the point of feeling comfortable using the open flame broiler so I don't need and setbacks in that department.
8:14 pm and not any dinner in sight. I'm trying not to stress.

Relief Society enrichment is tomorrow at 6 so hopefully once we are done with that I will feel a little less....under pressure.

Oh yeah. Forgot for a moment that tomorrow the trial starts back up with the 6 year old victim. This is one of the times with my job that I just really really hope for justice for the victim even though she is too young to really understand everything.

Also i'm tweeting....check it out on the sidebar! I love the idea of microblogging on my blog from my cell or wherever when I don't have big stuff to say.


Rick & Christa said...

Love the Twitter. Love the latest post and especially love the post on your sister.

Kimmy said...

OOOOH car cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Didn't realize you'd bought it, since you didn't squee at me about it! LOL.