Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night I had a short temper as I did something that I really did not want to do but felt pressure to do from other people at work. I did it anyway but my heart was SO not in the right place. I felt churlish and impatient. I was not as sweet and kind as I could have been with my patient loving husband at home.
I had a morning this morning where I just had a really hard time getting out of bed….SO tired. I felt like I was snappish and short with my husband and just really didn’t have a great attitude. I just feel tender. Like I’m not on my “A” game. Sensitive.
Just needed to send that out there. If I see you tonight a little kindness would be MUCH appreciated.

I'm determiend to make it a better day. I'm very excited to go to the Cope’s for the weekend tonight. Literally counting the hours!!!

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