Friday, March 06, 2009


I am SO CLUMSY. I cut myself constantly at work on PAPER. I drop things and's completely ridiculous actually but the relevant part of this is that I dropped my ipod and I think it's broken. *sob* And by I think it's broken I mean it won't restore and I can just see the menu's but not actually load it with music or play anything on it. SO BAD/SAD!
Bright side: E has let me borrow his tiny and oh so cute nano.
Now I'm conflicted. I had a 30 gb video. It fit pretty much all of the music I have on my computer (some CD's I didn't upload) but it was pretty full. So what I would love input on is I love the tiny little nano in *pink*! But the biggest is 16 gb.
For $50 more I can get the newer HUGE 120 gb classic. A little bulkier, heavier, only comes in silver and black. But the upside is that I can have all of my music + videos + photos. I do really like the option of feeling like listening to the Beatles and having all of the music of theirs that I have at my fingertips.


Katie said...

I say go big or go home!! haha Seriously though, you may as well go for the bigger one that can handle your ginourmous music collection so that you can listen to what you want when you want and not have to worry about it not having the space you need! Who cares about a little bulk I'm bulky but still super cute! haha

Anonymous said...

well it's hard to not be bulky when compared to the nano. Poor 120 GB he's sad. lol I can never seem to settle on a song myself. So more songs will be more choices.

it wouldn't let me log in it's Angela.