Saturday, March 14, 2009

just in case.....

Just in case I was feeling too happy and content...I had a truly awful week. It started with a migraine that kept me in bed for two days. Nice. Followed by two days of a headache that would not go away (but I could deal with it) and then. I got a bug. But that sounds so small and insignificant. SO different from how I felt!

I was sick, repeatedly, every 20-30 minutes, for six hours, ending at 3:00 am Friday. Oh and that came with a 102 fever that lasted through the day. And yes, in answer to my friend Linda, I did break a bunch of blood vessels around my eyes and I do look like I was beaten. Photo evidenceCheck Spelling below.

Seriously though, any help? Every time I'm ill the blood vessels around my eyes and sometimes all over my face burst and it doesn't go away for 4-5 days. I'm sure it does not help that I'm really freakishly pale and don't wear makeup but it's not the best look. Really, not a great week for me. Hope yours was better!

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Mika said...

OH that is not nice. I know the feeling of migraine and it is one of the worse things. Hope you feel better right now. Mika (