Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

Time to move that picture and depressing post down a notch!

I’m so excited to go to Phoenix this weekend. We are headed to the valley to do a few things. Visit the Cope’s! My best friend, confidante, cousin through marriage (ok that one is a stretch but has some basis), and her lovely husband and son. We get girl time, boys get Halo time, Caleb gets the little things I’ve collected for him since I saw him last and perhaps a trip to the Disney store for an early birthday present. Everyone gets lemon squares = everyone wins!

See RENT! Again. I can’t help it! I love this show and we have third row tickets to see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. Love it!

Diagnose iPod and probably replace it. This is a mixture of happy and sad…either way at the end of this weekend I will have a working iPod I guess so lets go with happy! Weigh in on the critical colour choice, black vs. silver in the comments.

Setting up entries for the state science fair. E heads up the science fair with our lovely friend Kimmy and on Saturday he and I will be setting up the winning entries from his school for this fact we will get home from Phoenix Sunday and he will be going back with students on Monday morning. Fun, except that it will be at 5 am and it’s a quick there and back type of a trip oh and did I mention that it’s also the first day of his spring break? Still it’s a great experience for the students.

Throw in some Jamba Juice, shopping, gossip, great company, great food and it promises to be a great weekend. I can’t wait.

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Kimmy said...

!! There's the MEN TOES pic!! I was waiting for that one...

& I wasn't going on the SF trip, that was back when it was supposed to be on the 6th... during school.

I'm pissed no one would do it for E though. Sometimes I hate the people we work with.